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Flat foot reconstruction.

  You will be in a splint for the first two weeks after surgery.

  Bleeding through the dressing is normal. Expect some reddish staining of the splint near the surgical site.

   Reinforce the splint with ACE wrap as needed.

   No weight may be put on the leg during the first two weeks. You may use crutches and the other leg to get around.

   Elevate the leg on 2-3 pillows as much as possible.

   Ice helps with swelling and pain.

   Protect the dressing from getting wet

   Swelling may persist for at least a year in some way.

  •    On the first post-op visit, we will remove the splint and take out the stitches.
  •   You will be put into a walking cast at two weeks. You may walk as much as you like at this point.
  •   At the second visit (around 4 weeks after surgery), the cast will be removed and we will give you a boot to walk in as much as possible. We will also order a brace for you so that you may sleep in the brace and drive; 6 weeks after your surgery

   Therapy will start at this point, 4-6 weeks after surgery.

   Therapy will be very gentle for the first two weeks (4-6 weeks to 6-8 weeks after surgery). At the 6th or 8th week after surgery, the therapy will become harder and you will do more activity.

   During therapy, as you get stronger, you will go from the boot to a brace for walking.