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Arthritis – Midfoot

The midfoot is the section of the foot that begins at the level of the Chopart joint. It consists of five bones, connected to each other and to the hindfoot and forefoot. The bones are known as: cuboid, navicular, medial, intermediate and lateral cuneiform bones. The midfoot ends at the Lisfranc (or tarsometatarsal) joint, where the metatarsal bones begin.

What causes midfoot arthritis?

There are different reasons for developing arthritis in the small joints in the midfoot. These include:

  •   Post-traumatic - Bone fracture or damage/dislocation at any of the bones or joints, even if successfully treated many years before
  •   Rheumatoid arthritis - Patients with rheumatoid or other forms of inflammatory arthritis can also develop arthritis in their foot
  •   Osteoarthritis - Even where there is no injury, arthritis can develop without explanation in the midfoot
  •   Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction - If this tendon in the foot develops problems then the arch can flatten and you can develop midfoot or hindfoot arthritis

People often live with the symptoms for many years before seeking medical help and the pain and stiffness gradually becomes worse. This can make walking and weight-bearing exercise more difficult. Although it can be treated at any stage, nearby joints may be affected as it develops.